Network & Location

Since establishment, Nikos Gleoudis Kavex S.A. has been growing rapidly by strengthening its position in the local Greek market and by expanding as well to the neighboring -and not only- countries.

Nicos Gleoudis Kavex S.A., Greece:

Our tobacco experts are contracting directly with individual farmers, applying latest Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Integrated Crop Management (ICM) to the growers and monitoring every crop from tobacco seed to full grown plant. This procedure assures continuous improvement in product quality.

Tobaccos are being processed in our 2 factories ( 1 for the Oriental varieties and 1 for the F/C Virginia and Burley tobaccos ) in Axioupolis, Kilkis, located 70km from Thessaloniki, Greece.

Our modern complex in Axioupolis includes as well warehousing facility of 42.000m2. Its strategic position is offered also for full storage and handling services, specialized in packed tobaccos.

Kavex Elbasan S.A., Albania:

Established in 1993, Kavex Elbasan tobacco factory consolidated our position among the larger buyers and processors of the local varieties. We have also introduced with great success the Greek Oriental varieties of "Basma" and "Katerini".

Kavex Balkan S.A., F.Y.R.o.Macedonia:

Established in 2012, Kavex Balkan is located in Negotino, 90km from our factories in Axioupolis. Its main activity is purchasing, selling, trading and exporting of Oriental leaf tobacco.


Moreover, throughout our global associates network, we are also providing to our valued customers all varieties of leaf tobacco from around the world, including origins such as Brazil, Argentina, Zimbabwe, Malawi, China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc.

Although the core of the business is tobacco, we also have interests in bulk-carrier shipping, real estate and production of food stuffs.



Kavex Building
6-8, Fragon str. 546 26 Thessaloniki
Tel: +30 2310 536 204
Fax: +30 2310 527 720
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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