Nicos Gleoudis Kavex S.A. is dealing annually with 16 million kilos of all types of European tobaccos, supplying our customers with a wide range of the finest leaf tobacco products.

Our current portofolio includes:

Main Oriental Varieties:

  • Basma and Katerini ( Greece & Albania )
  • Prilep and Yaka ( F.Y.R.O.Macedonia )
  • Krumovgrad and North Bulgaria ( Bulgaria )
  • Izmir, Samsun, Sark, Bitlis, Trabzon, Adiyaman ( Turkey )
  • BG and Tombac ( Lebanon )
  • Moldavskii ( Moldova )

as wells as all the remaining Oriental varietes growing in the region.


F/C Virginia: tobaccos mainly from Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Poland, Italy, France, etc.

Burley: tobaccos mainly from Greece, Bulgaria, Poland, Italy, etc.


Solid collaborations with associates globally place us in an advantageous position, providing to our valued customers all varieties of leaf tobacco from around the world, including countries as Brazil, Argentina, Zimbabwe, Malawi, China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc.


Kavex Building
6-8, Fragon str. 546 26 Thessaloniki
Tel: +30 2310 536 204
Fax: +30 2310 527 720
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